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Behavioural Assessment

We do this to find out if your dog is suitable for daycare.

Service Description

The behavioural assessment is necessary to help us figure out if daycare is best suited to your dog. During the assessment we observe your dogs behaviour when exposed to certain everyday stimuli, for e.g. we bring in a member of staff your dog hasn't met before and see how they react, this is called the stranger test. This is just one of the things we do to help us figure out if daycare is the place for them. Don't worry! Your dog will be none the wiser of the test as its very informal and relaxed, we also do a ‘food’ test which means TREATS! All of our assessments are carried out by trained members of staff in our assessment lounge.

Contact Details

  • Victoria Mill, Scowcroft Lane, Shaw, Oldham OL2 7BB, UK


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